Walk-Run-Bike-Drive for Windows Phone 7

Aerial Map View showing waypoints, track, elapsed time, distance, speed.
Aerial Map View showing
wayoints, track, elapsed time,
distance, speed.

Based on my experience with Route Planner for webOS, I developed a mapping-routing-tracking app for Windows Phone 7.5, also known as Mango. Since it has so many additional capabilities, I renamed the app to Walk-Run-Bike-Drive. Check its home page at Walk-Run-Bike-Drive.com for more details.

I’m currently looking for beta testers. Using Microsoft’s private beta service, Microsoft’s marketplace approves the app and allows downloads from pre-approved Windows-Live accounts.  If you’re interested, send me your Windows Live account email address.

Stay tuned. I will announce when the app goes live in the “real” Marketplace.


About Paradiseware

Software developer since, well, before the creation of the microprocessor. More recently, a developer of mobile applications for Windows Phone 7 and webOS.
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