Route Planner 8 now in Windows Store

Our latest Route Planner app is now available for Windows 8. You will find it in the Microsoft Windows Store at

Now, your favorite routes and tracks can be viewed and edited on either your Windows Phone or tablet or desktop PC.

Check our Route Planner 8 page for more details on the app.

Our Windows Phone 7.5 app, Walk-Run-Bike-Drive, shares routes and tracks with Route Planner 8. Sharing between your devices is easy using SkyDrive. Also, Route Planner 8 uses Windows 8’s native sharing allowing you to email a map of your route or location to anyone.

For example, use your Windows 8 desktop PC with Route Planner 8 to set your route. Enter all your waypoints using your keyboard. Then use RP8’s Save-As app bar menu choice. Pick SkyDrive and save your route to your RoutePlannerWP folder.  Then you’ll be able to open the route on your Windows Phone from SkyDrive.

Next up, a new version designed specifically for Windows Phone 8 and additional features for Route Planner 8.

Send us an email or comment if there is a feature you would like to see added.


About Paradiseware

Software developer since, well, before the creation of the microprocessor. More recently, a developer of mobile applications for Windows Phone 7 and webOS.
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2 Responses to Route Planner 8 now in Windows Store

  1. Philip Smith says:

    When are you going to correct the software version of walk-run-bike-drive at the windows store? The one that says it is 1.10.3.x is not. and it will not accept plain old. gpx files.

    • Paradiseware says:

      I checked the Windows Phone store and, yes, something is wrong. Microsoft apparently is not distributing the correct version. Today, I submitted an update to version Microsoft usually takes about a week to publish an update. I will monitor it.

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