Walk-Run-Bike-Drive Version Now Available

SkyDriveLogoAn update to Walk-Run-Bike-Drive is available in the app store now. The changes are all in the “under-the-hood” category.

Microsoft now allows just about any file type to be stored in SkyDrive. At the time of designing Walk-Run-Bike-Drive, only a few basic file types could be uploaded to SkyDrive, for example, TXT for text files, JPG for photos, etc.

Walk-Run-Bike-Drive imports and exports GPX file types. GPX stands for GPS Exchange Format. In the early days of Windows Phone, SkyDrive would not allow GPX file types. To get around that, we made our file type “.GPX.TXT” since text files were allowed.

Fast forward to present day: Now we can store GPX file types in SkyDrive. And our new Windows 8 app, Route Planner 8 (for your Windows 8 tablet or desktop) does open and save GPX file types to SkyDrive.

To make the sharing of routes between your tablet, desktop, and phone easier, we’ve updated the phone app to use “GPX” file types instead of “.GPX.TXT”.

Confused? Well, basically this update simply means you can create a route on your Windows 8 desktop, save it to SkyDrive, and open it on your phone without needing to rename or move any files.

Also, routes and tracks you find on GPS sharing sites can be opened on your phone without renaming the file.

For compatibility, Walk-Run-Bike-Drive will still find and read the previous file type too. But new routes saved to SkyDrive will be “GPX” type. This is handled automatically by the app.


About Paradiseware

Software developer since, well, before the creation of the microprocessor. More recently, a developer of mobile applications for Windows Phone 7 and webOS.
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9 Responses to Walk-Run-Bike-Drive Version Now Available

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  2. Steve Hooper says:

    I am looking for a Windows Phone app (7.5) to track my routes as I ride my motorcyle. I do not want or need real-time uploading, just the tracking. I then need to export my tracked routes to my PC (Skydrive) and use them on Bing or Google mamps to create a record of the route taken.

    Does your app do this?

  3. Steve Hooper says:

    Thank you.

  4. TONY DELABIE says:

    I installed walk-run-bike-drive v1.10 on myWindowsPhone8 but, although “tracking” is on and I’m walking with the active App, following data is NOT displayed in the lower left corner : Elapsed time, total track distance, and average speed for the track are shown : what is wrong ?

    • Paradiseware says:

      Tap “Settings”, the menu icon that looks like a gear. In Settings, you need to turn on “Track location and draw on map”. Below that heading is should say “Tracking on (GPX)”. You may also turn on “Show GPS Data on Map” but that isn’t essential.
      Back out to the map display. Turn on “Tracking” from the bottom left menu icon. The elapsed time, total distance, etc, will show up after you have moved some distance. Also, a blue line should be drawn on the map showing the route you have taken. If there is no blue line then tracking is not on or the setting mentioned above is not on. Also, GPS data is displayed only when the screen is in portrait position, not when in landscape position.

      • TONY DELABIE says:

        I followed the instructions with at the end tracking on (menu icon shows a 1 in it) and walked with my smartphone in portrait poition more than 30 meters through my house but still elapsed time, total distance, etc doens’t show up. Also clearing track afterwards and repeat the same instructions did’t help.
        The walking man showed on my map is on the wright gps position (correct place in my street) but when walking through my house, also information in the bottom right corner menu icon stays unchanged (51.28/4.43 at the top and Alt 20m and Speed 0m/s and Course —-

  5. Paradiseware says:

    For GPS to work, your device needs a clear line-of-sight to the orbiting satellites. It generally does not work indoors. Most devices will fall back to AGPS (assisted GPS) which uses known Wi-Fi hot spot locations and cell tower locations to get a general fix of your location. But AGPS is generally not precise enough to track you inside your home.

    • TONY DELABIE says:

      I took my smartphone wih me in the car and the right bottom data was following the track (location, speed, Course, ..but still the left bottom box didn’t appear, This means no box shown with the text Distance, …. Thus distance of the track was also not visible. Does it work under Windows 8 ?

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