Route Planner 8 Expands

Surface running Route Planner 8 and Nokia 920 running Walk-Run-Bike-Drive

Surface running Route Planner 8 and Nokia 920 running Walk-Run-Bike-Drive

My Surface tablet arrived about 4 weeks ago. Testing began for Route Planner 8 on ARM. Actually being able to test wasn’t as straight forward as expected. Let’s just say developer tools for deploying and testing on ARM are in their infancy — or perhaps it just took me longer to “learn the ropes” than anticipated.

Eventually, I was able to deploy and test on my Surface tablet. Happily it works! Works well! I was a bit apprehensive given the low power of the ARM processor. But, there was no stuttering or significant speed differences between ARM and high-power Intel processors.

In addition to performance testing, I spent time making sure the sharing of routes works as easily as possible. Some tweaks to Walk-Run-Bike-Drive for Windows Phone were published to more easily share routes with Route Planner 8.  If you haven’t read about it, see this post.

Recently, updates to Route Planner 8 have also been published in the Windows Store. The app is also now offered for ARM devices.

Also, Route Planner 8 (as well as Walk-Run-Bike-Drive) is now available in all Windows Store markets world-wide. Well, almost everywhere. It seems that China does not like Bing Maps so no apps using Bing Maps are allowed in China.


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Software developer since, well, before the creation of the microprocessor. More recently, a developer of mobile applications for Windows Phone 7 and webOS.
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