Software developer since the birth of microprocessors (at the risk of sounding ancient.) Palm PDA fan since, well, since they invented the PDA… Now, a developer for mobile devices.

When I sold my software business in 2005, I was happy to be out of the PC – Microsoft Windows- C++ – Java – programming business. And, for the next few years, the only thing I programmed was the DVR.

Then the Palm Pre was announced and I became inspired to check into developing for the webOS mobile platform. The idea for my first application came from my wife, as explained here.

But,  As we all know, the retards at HP decided to kill Palm.  Since there will be no viable  webOS or Touchpad now, I’m moving on.   Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” appears to be on the right track for a mobile OS.

We’ve now got a route planner style app in the Windows Phone store. And,  “Route Planner 8”  for Windows 8 that runs on Win-RT tablets.  Still mobile – still powerful.

If you have any suggestions to share with me, please leave a comment!


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  1. Dawn Dowd says:

    Good morning,
    Love the concept. And I think I may just be dense but I can’t figure out some of the practical stuff — like how to delete a way point we didn’t actually go to or put a way point between Way Point 1 and 2 so that Point 2 is then point 3. I currently am on the road and would like to do a map with info of our RV trip but am finding it difficult since we do add (and delete) destinations with regularity. I tried to find a delete tool on the bottom or top of the screen (Windows 8.1) or a menu with such. If all else fails, how do I delete the whole route and begin again. How do I delete the sample routes?
    Thanks for any help you can give me and thanks for developing the app!

    • Paradiseware says:

      Are you using the Windows Phone app or the Windows 8 (tablet) app? If windows phone, look at the “route” page. Press and hold a waypoint for a context menu — a menu of choices for that one waypoint such as move, delete. Also, from any page, the app menu is accessed by tapping the “…” at the bottom of the screen for choices like save, new route, etc.
      If using the Windows 8 tablet app, select a waypoint (short down swipe) for a context menu. Or, swipe up from the bottom for the app menu.
      Hope this helps,

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