RoutePlanner Update Version 1.0.5

An update to RoutePlanner has been submitted to HP. This update adds the ability to export and import a route. Both functions are accessed from the App Menu. And, both use the device’s clipboard.

Export writes a comma separated value (CSV) text file to the clipboard. The import feature reads a CSV file from the clipboard. Using the clipboard gives the user flexibility to use their favorite save or backup method for storing and reusing routes.

  • Backup routes to memo app,,  google docs, etc.
  • Save a route as a template for starting a new route
  • Store multiple routes for later use
  • Import routes from other applications
  • Addresses imported are geocoded automatically.

The format of the CSV file to be imported must be as follows. Each address can be a separate line in a text document. Each line must have seven elements and be enclosed in double-quote marks (“) . Below is a screen shot from the webOS Memos app with an example RoutePlanner CSV file.

  1. Future use (optional, for user use, ignored in app)
  2. Street Address
  3. City, State and/or postal code
  4. Name/Note (optional)
  5. Latitude (optional)
  6. Longitude (optional)
  7. Check box 0=unchecked, 1=checked

As you can see in the above screen shot, each element is enclosed in quotation marks and separated with a comma. Quotation marks are not allowed within an element. Commas can be used, such as between city and state. Latitude and longitude are optional. If not present, RoutePlanner will determine these values from the address. Optional elements that are not specified must still have two quotation mark “placeholders” present so that each address has exactly seven elements.

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RoutePlanner Version 1.0.3

An update to RoutePlanner is being submitted to HP tomorrow. A few new features were added — some requested by users and some requested by my favorite yard sale addict.

  • This version adds an automatic save of waypoints when RoutePlanner is closed. When the app is started again, the list of waypoints is restored exactly as they were when the app was closed.
  • A button to “clear all” waypoints was added for a quick way to start over with a new route.
  • A check-box was added for each waypoint. As you complete your business at a waypoint, tap the check-box for that waypoint to indicate you are done with that one. This is helpful if you decide at the last moment to skip a waypoint and come back to it later in the route.
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RoutePlanner Now Available in HP App Catalog

Today, our webOS application, RoutePlanner, has been published in the HP App catalog. It as available for downloading to Touchpad devices in the USA and several other countries. Find it using your device’s App Catalog or through this link.

RoutePlanner is our first webOS application. We welcome suggestions for this app as well as other webOS apps you would like to see available  on the Touchpad.

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Hello Mobile World!

Paradiseware is the result of becoming intrigued with mobile device software development in general — and the HP webOS platform in particular.

For more information, refer to the About page.

Our first mobile application, RoutePlanner, is a HP Touchpad app and will run on future HP mobile devices with the “enyo” platform. More information about RoutePlanner is here.

Email us with suggestions at Or, follow us on twitter: @paradiseware1.

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