Route Planner 8

Route Planner 8 – Designed for Windows 8

Whether you have several appointments to hit in a day, or, need to keep records on your outdoor activities, or, some new real estate properties to inspect, or, need to make deliveries to several locations, or, need to pick up from multiple addresses, or, in my wife’s case have 15 yard sales to hit in one morning, you need the help of Route Planner 8 to help you choose the best route and keep a record of your travels.

Note: For a brief introduction to terms, see our FAQ page.

Using an all new design for Windows 8, Route Planner is here for the latest and greatest Microsoft OS. This app is not a port of any of our previous Route Planner apps. It has been designed from scratch to take advantage of the features of Windows 8. Then, we added the best features of the previous Route Planner apps.

The “home” screen as shown above, displays all of your favorite routes and tracks. Scroll horizontally to view a thumb nail map image with waypoints marked. Tap a route to zoom-in and view all the “stops” or waypoints.

Route Details

An interactive map plots all the waypoints for your route. Next to the map is a scrolling list of each waypoint along with a thumbnail aerial image for context and help finding that specific spot. Using the map controls, switch between road, aerial, and birds-eye view. And, of course, zoom the map in or out for more detail or landmark spotting.

Want to see where you’ve been? Turn on “Tracking” to record your GPS position as you drive. If you’ve already tracked your movement on the route, a line is drawn on the map showing your previous track.

In addition to plotting your waypoints, this page shows aerial view thumbnail images of each waypoint. You can add new waypoints, delete waypoints, and rearrange their order — either manually or let the app figure out the shortest distance.

Zoom in on a waypoint by tapping it. Alter the address, name, or add notes for that waypoint.

Windows 8 Embraced

One of the more powerful and less touted features of Windows 8 is the Search Charm. Apps, such as Route Planner 8 which make use of this integration, give you a fast and easily accessible query into the app’s data. At any time — even if the app is not open, you may pop up the Search Charm and for example, find out if you have ever been to “3110 North Ridge”.

Likewise, the Share Charm gives you a fast way to share your route or current location. Choose the Windows 8 Share Charm or select “Share Location” from Route Planner 8’s app menu bar. You are presented with a choice of apps with which to share your route or location. For example, you can easily email a link to a Bing Map that shows your current location.

As a pleasant reminder, the App’s Windows 8 Live tile shows your recently used routes. Thumbnail maps with push-pin show the last few routes you used. And, you may add additional secondary tiles for your frequently access routes.

Features, Features, Features

  • Quickly map out a route.
  • Enter street addresses or optionally latitude – longitude positions.
  • Maintain library of any number of routes and tracks.
  • Share a route.
  • Share your location.
  • Read routes and tracks from GPS sharing sites (GPX files.)
  • Search your library of routes for addresses or notes.
  • Automatically optimize a route for the shortest distance.
  • Or, manually rearrange waypoints to your desired order.
  • Open routes on your Windows Phone using our companion app: Walk-Run-Bike-Drive for Windows Phone 7 and coming soon Route Planner 8 for Windows Phone 8.
  • Live tile maps and individual route tiles.

9 Responses to Route Planner 8

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  2. Nancy Coultas says:

    How do I find a tutorial so I can figure out how to use this app on my surface rt? Also the surface rt doesn’t have a built in gps so if I buy the app will I be able to track where I am at all times.

    • Paradiseware says:

      Try the FAQ page to help you get started using the app. I think the Surface RT has “Assisted GPS” which uses Wi-Fi hot spots to figure out its location. So, no, you may not be able to track where you are all the time unless your are always in an urban area with frequent Wi-Fi hot spots.

  3. David says:


    • Paradiseware says:

      Route Planner 8 will track your movements with a line drawn on the map. However, it does not give you elapsed distance. Our companion Windows Phone app titled “Walk-Run-Bike-Drive” does track and show distance and speed.

  4. daniel says:

    i have I windows 8 netbook and I am trying to get directions in my county since I am a delivery driver. how can I start uding it… all I have is the example routes. thanks

    • Paradiseware says:

      Route Planner 8 does not give turn-by-turn directions. However, the app does let you add multiple waypoints to the map so you can plan what the best route is to hit your waypoints. Use the App’s menu (swipe up from bottom for app commands on Windows 8 or swipe from right side for settings, search, etc.) Start a new route and give it both a file name and description when prompted. Then use app commands to add new waypoints.

  5. Jez says:

    Will this work on the Window 10 Nokia 950

    • Paradiseware says:

      Route Planner has been tested on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. It should work fine on any Windows 10 tablet. But, I think the Nokia 950 is a smart phone. For smart phones running Windows 10, look for our companion app titled “Walk-Run-Bike-Drive”.

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